Nashville based & exploring the Southeast. 


Gals are badass individuals spanning the spectrum of experience & ability.
We also identify as female.

We care for our natural spaces, build community, and take care of our own physical & mental health through hiking, backpacking, camping & climbing.

 We embrace discomfort in pursuit of growth, and relish the small details of a trail just as much as the view. We challenge the idea of who an outdoorsperson can be, proudly supporting our LGBTQ+, POC & differently abled peers who are typically pushed to the margins of the outdoor industry.

We yearn to leave people & places better than we found them & practice Leave No Trace ethics. 

Why womxn?

When it comes down to it the woods are intersectional, so shouldn't we be as well? 

We also believe it is important to include the people in our lives who support us regardless of gender, so all-gender events are planned regularly. These will be denoted.

Who am I?

Ashley Adkins Irons - Creator of Galavant Outdoors

I'm Ashley, a professional seamstress, outdoorsperson, and founder of Galavant Outdoors. These two very different realms of textiles & outdoorsiness can often make me feel that I'm living a double life. One produces a tangible piece of clothing you can hold in your hands, while the other a lightness of spirit. My love for both of these things keeps me on the hunt for the unexpected places they intersect. Teaching me more with every mending session with my gear & each new project I get to make with sustainably sourced materials. 

I live near Nashville with my partner & our two cats & try to get outside with other ladies as much as I can. I hike, backpack, cave, climb, and occasionally can sustain a garden. I deeply value the power of tending to my mental health via a connetion to both my community & nature.

It is clear to me that the outdoor industry is due for a shift in perspective & want to do my part supporting those working hard for diversity, equity & inclusion. Theresea Baker of Diversify Outdoors, Marinel De Jesus of Peak Explorations and  Carrot Quinn are just a few of the amazing women who's passionate work I am motivated by.