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If I'm going to be honest here, and this seems like a good space to do that, I've never been a big fan of blogs. If it weren't for detailed how-to's on sewing or honest reviews on gear or equipment I am looking to invest in, I wouldn't spend much time perusing them. That being said, I do really apreciate opensource information poised & ready for those who want to use it. After all, I did basically learn how to sew via the internet before ever considering studying it or having a career in textiles. So I'll keep it simple here in the journal, focusing on the lovely people who come on Galavant hikes & the ways we can/do work to help craft the kind of world we want to live in. 

So, what is Galavant hoping to do?

To put it simply, to get amazing female identifiers outdoors & be active- together. Making space is important!

To learn new skills & hone in on the ones we carry around already- some of which need some uncovering.

To learn about our local community+our natural spaces & how we can positively interact with each.

How will we do that?

By hosting regular hikes, campouts, backpacking, climb nights, trail work days, etc. Some will be co-ed and the rest for female identifiers only. You have a request? Click Contact & tell us!

Putting on workshops experimenting with skills such as first aid, natural dyeing, fire starting, plant identification, etc.

Helping provide service & space to the trails we love, via trash cleanups & trailwork.

By connecting our ladies with other great local organizations doing events in Tennessee.

So we hope to see you outside! And want to hear about what adventures you're up to. Hikes will be hosted via Meetup & collaborations through the great people I am working with. All will be posted to our Instagram & the Facebook group. 


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