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Two summers ago I was in serious need of some lady hiking time, so I started a Meetup group called Galavant Outdoors. Since then I have met some really bad ass women, non binary folks, guys, kids of all ages, and trail dogs whom have all been so friendly & ready to hit the trails. We have hiked, biked, kayaked, camped, swam, carpooled, and rappelled- all while sharing some good food & bug filled trail time. I have hoarded so many photos to share here, it was hard to choose! 

Ladies have arrived never having hiked before, or perhaps they hadn't done it in 10+ years. Regardless of how far they trekked or what their pace was, I am so grateful to have shared snacks & life stories. Hosting group hikes has taught me sooo much about how to lead groups as an introvert & have grace- both for myself & individuals who may feel super vulnerable exercising with some strangers.

I am grateful for both the big moments when a group is buzzing with energy & when we are spent after a hard day. When we each have pushed physical & emotional boundaries on these trips. When someone shares their genius gear hacks & camp recipes. When we have felt comfortable enough to share our goals for the future & how we hope to reach them. These moments of growth are why I keep doing it.

Showing up really is the hardest part. So cheers to you!

Most attendees seem to worry about not having the right gear or enough stamina to keep up, yet the hardest part really is simply showing up. I've learned from 20+ events to stop worrying about all of those RSVP's who aren't going to show up & how to focus on the people who woke up at the butt crack of dawn on a Sunday, drove 2hrs, and are ready to have an awesome day. I tip my hat to each & every person who has come on a hike since 2017.

You ladies rock & I look forward to many more days spent outdoors.

This August we will be meeting up at Beaman park for a hike of the Henry Hollow Loop. This is the trail that started it all & you can bring a friend! Sign up here.   Sign up here to join us!


One of the many crossings at Window Cliffs State Park Cam getting the snacks! Fall at Percy Warner Park Enjoying the water at Old Stone Fort One of the first hikes at Long Hunter State Park Cooling off at Buggytop Cave Taking a fetch break at Old Stone Fort Enjoying the snow at Beaman Feeling indecisive at Machine Falls Packing out trash on the Harpeth River Fall at Fiery Gizzard is worth the drive Celebrating a long hike back at Stone Door A mid-backpack swim break at Mt Sterling Sunrise on Mt Sterling Crossing over at Foster Falls Hiking with dog friends at Bells Bend Rainy day hike at Rock Island State Park IMG 20190630 103607%20%2811%29

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